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Syngency Sign

The seamlessly integrated e-signing
platform for Syngency

Send documents, create reusable templates, manage contracts,
and sync everything from your Syngency account.

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The speed of paperless

If you’re still printing, scanning, sending – even searching through files – you’re losing valuable time. Syngency Sign makes sending documents for signature lightning-fast and effortless.

Secure and reliable

Complete end-to-end encryption when in transit, and in storage at our AWS datacenters — your data is protected at all times using industry standard security.

Legally Binding

Fully-compliant with the US eSignature Act of 2000 and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA), documents are legally-binding and can serve as evidence during disputes and in court.

Save time with Syngency Sign

Cut your document management time in half with an e-Signature platform built for speed.

Reusable Templates

Upload your standard contracts or frequently used documents, drag-and-drop your fields, and use the template again in seconds.

Documents signed in minutes

Completing documents is effortlessly simple. Imagine receiving a noticfiation that a document has been signed, just minutes after sending it.

Full audit trail

Completed documents can be downloaded as a PDF, with a full audit trail appended.

Sync with Syngency

Map template fields to specific data in Syngency, and your documents are automatically pre-populated with your specific talent, booking or client information.

Daily Reminders

Automated email reminders are sent to senders and signers daily, notifying them of outstanding documents.

Multiple signees

Create documents or templates with multiple signees, allowing managers or guardians to co-sign with talent.

Stripe Climate

Proudly supporting the Stripe Climate initiative.

Funding carbon removal technologies with each document sent.

Fast, easy e-signatures
for your entire team

Questions? We have answers.

Frequently asked questions about Syngency Sign.

  • How much does Syngency Sign cost?
    • Syngency Sign is charged at $1.50 per document sent.
    • Draft documents are not charged for until they are sent.
    • Any sent documents declined by the recipient will be charged for.
  • Are Syngency Sign documents legally binding?

    Syngency Sign is designed in full compliance with the US eSignature Act of 2000 and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA). It meets the criteria of this compliance with:

    1. Intent to sign & opt-out clause
    2. Consent to do business electronically
    3. Clear signature attribution
    4. Association of signature with the record
    5. Record retention

    This makes documents created by and signed with Syngency Sign legally binding, as well as admissable evidence in a court of law or legal dispute.

  • Which formats can I create documents from?

    You can upload source documents in either Word, Excel, or PDF format.

  • What happens once a document is signed?
    • Syngency Sign records the IP address and metadata of the signer
    • An email notification is sent to the signer, containing a link to a PDF download of the signed document
    • An email is sent to the sender for them to preview the signed document.
    • If you are sending the document from Syngency, the "Completed At" timestamp will be updated in the tab you have sent it from.
  • Is Syngency Sign secure?

    Syngency Sign uses industry standard 256-bit encryption throughout.
    All data transmitted by Syngency Sign is encrypted end-to-end with SSL/TLS, as well as being encrypted at rest within our database instances.
    AES-256 "Rijndael" encryption is used for all stored data. This makes it practically unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard available.

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