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  1. What is Syngency?

    Syngency is the complete software solution for managing any modelling, talent, acting, production, music, or sports agency. Syngency seamlessly coordinates your bookings, estimates, invoicing, scheduling, talent and client communication, submissions to client briefs, talent media, and much more.

  2. Do I install Syngency on my computer?

    Syngency runs in the cloud, which means you don’t need anything besides a browser and an internet connection to use it. This means you can access and use Syngency from any location, and with minimal setup.

  3. Is Syngency secure? Is my data safe?

    Syngency uses the same high-level encryption technology used by banks, airlines, hotels, and more, to ensure that all data transmitted between you and Syngency is safely and securely encrypted. Sensitive personal data such as passwords, bank account and tax identification numbers are all encrypted in our database, which is routinely backed up every 10 minutes. In addition to these security measures, Syngency commissions internationally-renown software security firm Synopsys to regularly conduct thorough security assessments of the Syngency platform.

  4. Does Syngency integrate with our accounting software?

    Syngency seamless integrates with cloud accounting platforms Xero and QuickBooks Online.

  5. I like Syngency but don’t know where to start, what should I do next?

    The fastest way to get started with Syngency is to get in touch! Our team can arrange a time for a short online walk-through of the platform, and take the opportunity to learn more about your agency and how Syngency can best help you.

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